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All successful Krispy Krunchy® locations begin with the incomparable training provided by our experienced and knowledgeable Food Service Consultants. Krispy Krunchy® has 65 Food Service Consultants across the country who have received extensive training on the Krispy Krunchy® program before earning their certification, and they are what makes us stand out amongst the competition. Our store opening training program consists of five days of initial training in which a Krispy Krunchy® trainer will teach you and your employees how to prepare and cook our delicious products properly.

collection of KKC workers
KKC workers being trained

Also, a substantial amount of attention is given to food safety and proper sanitation practices. After the five days of training,  the trainer will conduct another two-day training the following week.

It doesn’t stop there. Once the store has opened, a trainer will visit periodically as part of our ongoing customer service. If new employees have been hired, Krispy Krunchy® will provide a 1-2 day new employee training session. All of these services are offered at no cost to the operator.     

In addition to on-sight training, all locations are provided with valuable tools, such as our online training videos, demonstrating all of the prepping and cooking procedures for our Krispy Krunchy® proprietary products. We even have tests to ensure proficiency in the training program.

Also, every location is given a detailed training manual that outlines prepping and cooking procedures, sanitation best practices, food safety guidelines, merchandising, and much more to help your staff excel in their position.


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