Frequently Asked Questions

No. Krispy Krunchy® does not charge royalty or franchise fees.

No, the Krispy Krunchy® program is flexible and can be found in convenience stores, malls, colleges, and supermarkets.

No, there are multiple ways to become a Krispy Krunchy® operator. Our team will guide you through the options that best suit your location.

Existing equipment will need to be approved for use. In most cases, if you have a hood, an 85 lb. fryer, and a hot food case, then you can use your existing equipment.

The cost depends on what equipment you have and what graphics packages you choose. Our sales team will assist in helping you select the best option for your location.

At Krispy Krunchy® we offer a flexible program that delivers our delicious Cajun-infused chicken and proprietary foods packaged along with exceptional training and branded support to drive sales.  

Our comprehensive training program helps operators and their employees learn to cook, operate, and sell the Krispy Krunchy® program!

Krispy Krunchy®’s proprietary blends and foods are what customers crave. We want to ensure they have that same delicious experience each time they visit. Our team will set your location up for success with thorough training and quality products.

On average, stores that switch to Krispy Krunchy Chicken® experience significant growth in sales.

Yes. Many of our operators have started a Krispy Krunchy Chicken® program along with another food program and have seen significant sales growth in their overall food platform.

First, fill out our Getting Started form. Or, give us a call at 1-800-290-6097. We look forward to working with you and watching your sales grow!