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Krispy In the News

There’s a common trajectory for c-store retailers entering the foodservice fray: Coffee sales beget breakfast sales, breakfast begets lunch, and lunch begets dinner. But finding a retailer who has made it to the end of that path is a rarity. Most are stuck chasing the elusive dinner day-part, not to mention sustaining foodservice sales through the weekend.

But some have cracked the code, and the solution involves chicken. And darn good biscuits.

Earlier this year, Fort Smith, Ark.-based Jam Mart introduced Krispy Krunchy to three of its Arkansas locations in Fort Smith, Danville and Booneville, with a fourth set to open in the fall in Ozark, Ark.

The program has added life to the once-dormant evening food business in the stores. “We would often shut down merchandisers in the late afternoon because volume tailed off, but with Krispy Krunchy we see steady activity into dinner,” says Tyson Washburn, Jam Mart’s vice president of operations.

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