Krispy Krunchy Chicken Program

Krispy Krunchy Chicken Program

Krispy Krunchy is an environmentally adaptable program that offers quality products at an honorable rate without the hassle of franchise or royalty fees. We offer a variety of proprietary, flavorful goodness that features pre-marinated, flavor-injected chicken and tenders that are always fried in zero trans fat oil. Our Louisiana-style menu items are delivered fresh, never frozen, by our distributors ensuring that our store owners serve the freshest food.

When partnering with Krispy Krunchy, you become a part of our nationwide resource team. Our partnership with exclusive food distributors around the country make our food service program work seamlessly and our priority is to help increase overall retail sales one c-store at a time.

Kripsy Breakfast Program

Krispy Breakfast Program

We’re not just chicken. Along with our delicious proprietary Krispy Krunchy Chicken program, our operators can opt into the Krispy Breakfast program.

Our program is designed to target the early morning visitors and reach another very important day-part. Not only is breakfast the most important meal of the day, it was a $50.5 billion dollar industry in 2014 with 6.7% breakfast industry growth rise expected for 2015.

Reaching this portion of the day-part can drastically increase foodservice business. When operators opt into the Krispy Breakfast program, they receive the vital elements that make a c-store breakfast program successful; such as fresh, high quality prepared breakfast food items. Wake up to the smell of sweet success with Krispy Krunchy’s breakfast concept!

Kripsy Carryout Program

You Buy we Fry & Krispy Carryout Program

Krispy Krunchy Chicken offers an Electronic Benefit Transfer and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and is accepted towards purchases in Krispy’s You Buy We Fry and Krispy Carryout programs.

The You Buy We Fry program requires customers to purchase a 16-piece uncooked chicken, have the product handed over to the customer. Customers must then return the uncooked chicken to the cashier/cook for frying. The customers may not consume the cooked chicken on the premises.

Customers using EBT-SNAP may also purchase our chicken via the Krispy Carryout program. This program allows chicken that has surpassed the recommended holding time to be sold. Krispy Carryout bags can be placed in our Krispy Carryout cooler or used for self-serve hot food. While the bags can withstand 150 degrees Fahrenheit, EBT-SNAP purchases are not eligible towards hot chicken. The following items are available for purchase under the Krispy Carryout program; 4PC Chicken, 10 Wings, and 8-10PC Tenders.