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Krispy Krunchy® Chicken Unveils New Logo Design

Krispy Krunchy® Chicken Unveils New Logo Design

Krispy Krunchy® Chicken celebrates the 30th Anniversary of its' inception in 2019. In light of that amazing milestone, the company proudly unveiled a more modern, reinvigorated logo that maintains the feel of the original logo mark, but is also symbolic of the optimism and eagerness with which the company begins the next 30 years.

“Our new logo represents the next evolution of our company as we pivot to a more consumer-focused marketing brand,” said Neal Onebane, founder of Krispy Krunchy®. “This logo redesign will serve as the launch pad for a variety of new programs designed to take advantage of the number of stores we have and the geographic size of our brand footprint,” he added.

One of the fastest growing hot food brands in the convenience store business, Krispy Krunchy® now has over 2,400 locations in 46 states and has aggressive growth plans in the works.

“We are also updating our brand descriptor from ‘Cajun Recipe’ to ‘Freshly Made • Perfectly Cajun’,” Onebane continued. “This new descriptor highlights the major differences between Krispy Krunchy® and other fried chicken brands: our chicken is always fresh, never frozen, ensuring a more moist texture, and our delicious Cajun flavor profile is uniquely crowd-pleasing.”

Over the coming months, as Krispy Krunchy® celebrates its 30th Anniversary year, customers will begin to see a number of distinctive changes including new in-store signage and new promotional graphics.

“The future of our company is very bright,” commented Onebane.

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